Essential Artist Supplies for Black and White Drawing

During your childhood, tools and materials were not considered important when you first started drawing. Drawing on some sort of paper using a standard pencil was all it needed.

Yet, as your talent as an artist grew and developed, the artist supplies you choose to express your art has become important. You now see a noticeable connection between quality artwork using quality artist supplies.

The essential art supplies to start a budding career in black and white drawing media includes:

Good quality pencils

Good quality pencils are the most obvious must-have art supply for a serious beginner or a veteran artist. Every artist will find their individual connection with a particular brand. Trying out a few different brands of pencils is the only way to find your favourite brand.

Tin cans are the usual packaging for pencil sets. Opting for this is good for a full spectrum of graphite pencils is usually included. Most pencil sets include 6B or softer graphite and 9H or harder graphite.

The sharper tip and lighter marks are with the harder graphite.  The darker mark and frequent sharpening features are with the softer graphite. Having a set of these pencils allows the artist to work using various mark and values.

Purchasing individual pencils is an expensive option than going with the full set of graphite pencils.

Hardcover sketchbook

Talent without practice will not cut it in the world of art. Artists need to start somewhere and practice their craft every day. And one of the best tools to hone the drawing skill is a hardcover sketchbook.

Since it is hardbound, the sketchbook will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily practice. The best combination is a hardcover sketchbook with a lot of pages. The pages are there to put your ideas in while the hardcover makes them clean, flat, and clean.

The right kind of paper

Using the right kind of paper helps in enhancing the artwork or drawing. Some of the popular types of paper include:

  • Bristol paper is heavy, rigid, and smooth. They are great to use for detailed work using ink or create smooth value gradations.
  • Drawing paper is the most suitable paper to use for drawing multiple drawings to include coloured pencils, graphite, and charcoal.
  • Charcoal paper is semi-transparent and lightweight with a heavier tooth. These qualities make the paper the top choice for creating texture. Charcoal paper can be used by a lot of drawing media with graphite being the best one.

Varied types of erasers

Erasers are always seen as the best tool for correcting mistakes. Yet, the art world considers erasers as the best mark-making tool as well.

Some of the best types of erasers include:

  • Plastic or vinyl erasers are considered as the “tough guy” of erasers. You have to careful in using them for while they can be tough in erasing mistakes, they can also tear the paper.
  • Kneaded erasers do not use friction to correct the mistake. Its malleability enables it to be shaped into different forms while “lifting” out the mistakes from the surface of the paper.
  • Gum erasers are the “smooth guys” as they gently remove mistakes without tearing.

Are you seriously thinking about a career in art? If you are, then owning the essential artistic supplies is important. MES have art supplies available for beginners and professionals alike.



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