How to turn your scarf into a style statement

Silk Scarves for Women

Silk scarves make great fashion statement. Not only do they look trendy but can add their fair share of bling to any ordinary or boring outfit. Scarves come in a variety of shapes and designs. Also you are spoilt for choice between so many different materials. If you want to look classy and elegant, silk scarves make a great option.

Scarves need not only be draped across your shoulders or around your neck, there are several ways in which a scarf can be used to make a style statement. The following are a few ways you can use a scarf to up your glamour quotient.

Use a scarf as a hair accessory

Since silk scarves for women are so bright and beautiful, you can use these to make great looking head bands. Pull your hair back into a high pony and tie a scarf around your head for a girl look. It’s a fun and feisty look which appeals to almost everyone. On a hot day when you don’t feel like letting your hair down, use a scarf as a head band to prevent hair from slipping into your eyes.

Tie it around your waist

That’s right, you can go ahead and tie the scarf around your waist fashioning it like a belt. If you have lose tunics which you aren’t too keen on wearing, simply take a scarf and roll it into a thin belt and tie around the waist. Not only would it zing up your outfit but add definition to your waist as well. You can even wear it in the form of a flared triangle so it ends up looking like a part of your dress. Any plain dress can be turned into an exciting outfit. Use scarves with checks or floral prints on plain dresses for added style and glamour.

Tie a scarf around your hand bag

Going on an outing with the girls? Why not take your scarf along. Tie it around your handbag for a fun and classy look. If you feel the sun beating down tad too hard, simply remove the scarf from the hand bag and tie it around your head for some extra protection and to keep cool.

Using scarves on the wrist

Got a scarf which you feel is a bit too gaudy? Why not turn it into a colorful wrist accessory. Not only would you be making a style statement but putting the scarf to good use. There are also several tutorials on the net which can help you turn a scarf into a pretty bracelet or a knotted up wrist band. Just do whatever catches your fancy.

Wearing silk scarves the traditional way

Do not under estimate the trend of wearing a silk scarf the traditional way. That is around your neck or draped over your shoulders. There are several ways in which you can knot a scarf for different effects. It can be worn over a plain t shirt or an off the shoulder dress.

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