Park Ridge Daycare: helping parents get back to work

Finding a daycare program for your child is crucial. you need to get back to work and you have to ensure your child is in safe hands. a high-quality daycare program reassures you. you can focus on your work and your career and not worry about your child at the same time.

Parents should visit the childcare in person to see whether the program is the right fit for their child. Visiting will allow you to see how the program operates and whether your child will be happy there. You can see what the classrooms and play places look like and whether they are safe.

Things to consider when choosing a Park Ridge daycare

If you are thinking about enrolling your toddler at a daycare near you get to know the daily schedule. Ask how the teachers will accommodate the child’s needs and personal schedule like eating, sleeping, and playing.

The bottle should be stored with the child’s name labeled clearly. The bottle needs to be stored in a refrigerator.

When visiting the daycare consider how the teachers are positioned in the class. they should be near children holding them close and playing with them. The children should be on the floor playing. They should not always be in swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, and cribs.

Take a look at the furnishings and equipment in the room it should be clean and in good condition. Check out the toys. There should be a variety of toys for infants which make noise and which they can look at. Board books are also necessary. The toys should be safe for small children to use and they should encourage sensory play. Problem solving toys like puzzles and things to sort, teach children problem solving. Similarly dress up items, puppets and different building blocks help them pretend and build.

Everything in the daycare should aim at providing value to your child. from toys to art materials, it needs to be age appropriate. These are basic things that parents must notice to get an idea about how the daycare operates.

 Parents also need to check the child’s sleep schedule. Each infant should have their own crib and labeled with their name or picture. Children need to be put on their back with no toys or bottles in the crib. Toddler should have a specific nap time where they could rest.

 Listen to how the teachers and caregivers talk to children do they use a gentle and playful tone. For infants ask if the program supports breastfeeding and for toddlers ask if they support toilet learning.

 All these are important questions that you must ask the management at Parklands Little Learners.  Pay attention to how many children are there in the daycare and how many adults are there to care for them. The fewer adults per child the better.

You can get a copy of the family handbook from the childcare program. Take a look at their philosophy and policies for fees and payment. consider the pick up and drop off points and child discipline and guidance policies.

Doing research would allow you to make the correct decision when choosing a daycare for your child.



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