Advantages Of Having Women CEO

The connotation of men being a better leader than women or should be the leader, has been overpowered by “gender equality”. The number of women leading companies’ part of Fortune 500 Companies is an indication that women now are being recognised in the corporate world. Although only 32 women CEO were successful to be part of the list, that is still a good number if you will compare the number years back.

There are good reasons why a woman is a better choice:

Women are better communicators

According to the CEO of Container, Kip Tindell, in his previous conversation with CNBC, he thinks that women has an innate skill to cater emotional intelligence, communication and empathy – the key stakes of conscious capitalism.

Good at teamwork

In the same conversation, he added that women work better in a team than men. He stated that women are a bit more communicative and supportive.

And as per Gallup’s survey on more than 11,000 participants/people, women are by far more effective at developing and engaging people. They are more expected to create a collaborative environments compared to their male counterparts. 

Women are problem solvers

Researcher Helen Fisher stated that when a woman cogitates, she will collect details that is somehow different than her male counterpart. Women put together details faster and they can arrange all the data in a more complex pattern. As women make a decision, they tend to consider more options, weigh more variables, and can see more assortments of possible resolutions to problems.

They tend to synthesise, to generalise, to take a more contextual, more holistic perspective to issues. Furthermore, women are specifically skilled at listening and soliciting to diverse, multiple voices. Women are more tending to integrate their team contributions after they encourage everyone to join or participate. Women will not make a decision until the ideas are reflected, tested and heard.

Further, women result orientation let them reach to a decision that are more efficient and execution more effectively.

Women pursue and see entrepreneurial opportunities

From the study made by Zenger Folksman, women show effectiveness at executive levels of different organisations where opportunities for growth is highly significant. And at statistically obvious difference, women are more competent in taking initiatives, championing change, and driving for results than their men counterparts.

Persistent and tenacious, the women leaders could see beyond problems and obstacles to push limits and make all things done. Women remain their focus until all objectives are achieved. Women like to stretch their perspective to widen their observations.

Needless to say, women are capable of being part of the corporate industry and leading them to success. The advantages above are more than enough proof that they can.